The Modern Middle East (Hebrew) – self-paced learning

The Academic staff:  Dr. Tal Shuval, Mrs. Inbal Nissim-Louvton – The Department of History, Philosophy and Judaic Studies, Open University of Israel
Starting dateopen for self-paced learning
Language: Hebrew
Summary: The course deals with the history of the Middle East from the aftermath of WWII to the present day. It is based on texts authored by leading historians, each surveying a different state (excluding Israel), with an eye to regional developments: Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, the Palestinians, Egypt, and Syria. The course presents multidimensional historical analyses of the different entities, addressing their role in the overall Middle Eastern dynamism. (For a detailed course description and outline see the course page in Hebrew ).

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Course format: The course is structured to allow participants to choose whether they want to simply audit the course passively, spending about two hours a week in lectures and online quizzes, or to engage with the materials in depth.

Every academic week comprises 4 short video lectures with interactive computer-based quizzes that provide instant feedback. The video lectures reference online textbooks which are  freely accessible to all of the participants. Weekly assignments allow participants to use the textbook and additional learning materials to study the topic in depth. Extensive forums are provided to enable students to collaboratively study with peers from around the world, discussing the course materials and the course assignments.