MOOCs by OU of Israel

The Open University of Israel is one of the biggest universities in the country, offering hundreds of courses to tens of thousands of paying students in Israel and around the world. We are now launching massive open online courses (MOOCs) free of charge, in several languages.

How it works

The MOOCs of the Open University of Israel are designed to accommodate students of different learning goals and wishes, starting with students who wish to only spend a couple of hours a week, to those who want to get deeply involved in the course and in its materials. Every academic week comprises 3-5 short video lectures with interactive computer-based quizzes that provide instant feedback. The video lectures reference an online textbook which is fully and freely accessible to all of the students. Weekly assignments and course projects allow students to use the textbook and additional learning materials to study the topic in depth. Forums are provided to enable students to collaboratively study with peers from around the world, discussing the course materials and the course assignments.

The course is structured to allow students to choose whether they want to simply audit the course passively, spending about two hours a week in lectures and online quizzes, or to engage with the materials in depth. Students who complete the MOOC will receive a completion certificate.

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Are these MOOCs for me?

Being massive, open and free, MOOCs are a recent development in the Higher Education arena, offering the general public access to a range of courses from leading universities. Here are a few points to assist you in evaluating whether our MOOC is for you or not.

The OUI MOOC is for you if:

  • You love learning!
  • You are interested in new experiences
  • You enjoy assisting other learners, and getting assistance from them
  • You are comfortable using digital communication tools
  • You know nothing about the subject of the MOOC
  • You are knowledgeable about the subject of the MOOC, and are curious to learn more
  • You are self-driven and disciplined
  • You are comfortable using online forums and FAQ lists for problem solving

The OUI MOOC is probably not for you if:

  • You expect to receive personal feedback from the instructors
  • You want to get academic credit for your work
  • You do not enjoy learning
  • You prefer not to communicate with other students
  • You require a lot of assistance when using digital communication tools
  • You prefer that others tell you what to do